Tuesday, April 17, 2007

And The Winner Is. . . .Ilene B.

The winner of the blog candy is Ilene B. Yay! Ilene, can you please email me with your address at lbmcd66@hotmail.com by Thursday, April 19.

Let's all congratulate Ilene B. for winning the blog candy! Ilene chose # 3 as her favorite. As for the votes, there were 137 participants and 71 chose card #3 which makes it 51% of the votes. So "hands" down (haha), you felt that #3 is the best card design of the three cards.

How did I choose the winner? Well,I printed a list of all the participants and assigned each a number. I then placed the numbers into a bag and my daughter pulled the number out of the bag. I then matched it to the number on the participant's list. I opened the email associated with that number and that is how I chose the winner.

Well the person who I designed the cards for did not like the color combo and layout that she chose after seeing the end results of the design.

Sometimes a color combo and layout may look nice with a particular theme but not for another. She decided that the colors were too harsh and the layout too plain. Instead, she chose the card to the left as the design that she wanted me to create but instead of the hearts, she wanted the booties on card #2 as the primary image.

I did feel the colors were too harsh when she chose the color combination and I'm glad she found a color combo and design that she prefers. It's better that she is satisfied with the results.

Personally, I do prefer this card. What do you think? Anyway, thank you everyone for participating in my blog candy. I really appreciate your visiting my blog site and taking the time to vote!

Until next time. . .


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Ilene!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Ilene. I prefer this card and the colors are more suited for a baby thank you card.

kathy said...

Congratulations Ilene.

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