Friday, April 13, 2007

Daily Special - Technique Day - Faux Watercoloring Tutorial

Click Here for the Tutorial

Yay! I created a tutorial. I haven't created one for over a week. I've been lazy lately and didn't want to work so hard on creating a tutorial. It's not difficult to create a tutorial but it's so time consuming, especially when your program flakes out in the middle of the process. Yup, I had to re-do it because my computer froze in the middle of my creating the tutorial. Annoying, lemme tell ya'.

Anyway, what's this tutorial about. Anybody bought the Stampin' Up Color Spritzer Tool? Well, I did and I was sitting down looking at it wondering what else could this tool be used for besides creating speckles. I mean if I'm going to pay $12.95 for something, it better do more than one thing.

This technique creates a result similar to the shaving cream technique but less swirly. Is swirly a word? Anyway, yeah. . .if you stamp an image over it, it looks like you watercolored the image. I'm sure somebody already thought of this and already named it but I just sort of experimented and I liked the result. If this is already a known technique, can someone clue me in to it's name.

Anyway, I liked the results. . .I don't like to watercolor much because sometimes the watercoloring results in a dull appearance. But I like how this technique looks really vibrant and still appear as if it was watercolored.

When you have a chance, try it out and tell me what you think.

Don't forget to participate in the Blog Candy on the previous post. . .just vote on the best card. I'll post pictures of the prize maybe sometime today! Be honest. . .if you think all of them are ugly - you don't need to choose one - just say "none". Ha! You'll still be included in the Blog Candy. I don't mind criticism. Sometimes constructive criticism is important for growth.

The person I made the cards for don't like the cards. Mainly because of the "adult" like colors. She chose the color combo but color combos may look great as a combo but may not work for a specific theme. We decided to make the cards in "pink" rather than "purple". I'll post the new pink cards on Saturday and I'll replace the "purple" cards.

P.S. I'll add the sketches sometime today. I'm tired after creating the tutorial and I'm going to take a break. Besides, it's my husband's birthday today and maybe he and I can eat breakfast somewhere.

Until later. . .


Stacy said...

Maria, this looks great! Can't wait to get a minute to try it.

Your blog is going in my links!

Anonymous said...

Oh Maria,
I love the colorful cards! They are beautiful! You work so hard on your tutorials. I appreciate it and learn so much.
Thank you,

Diane said...

Wow Maria -- this is an awesome technique! Thank you so much for coming up with another way to use the spritzer tool! I can't wait to play with this one to see what I can come up with. And I love your cards!

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