Tuesday, April 3, 2007

I'm Back From My Trip

I'm back from my trip! It was fun but I'm glad to be home. A vacation suppose to be a time for relaxation but as most trips, it's never relaxing. We were up at 6:00 daily and would settle back to our hotel room at 10:00 at night. Once in our room, the activities didn't end there. We showered, I downloaded photos from my memory chip on to my laptop which takes a while due to all the photos we took, then finally at midnight we settle down to sleep. I was meaning to post photos during our trip but I just couldn't find the time to blog. Towards the end of our trip, I NEEDED a vacation. Nonetheless, I had a lot of fun but I'm tired now.

Our pets were happy to see us back. Awww. . .I really think they have emotions. Our dogs were in a frenzy and our cats were meowing like crazy. They're like kids who missed their parents. Our cat, China, likes to be rocked like a baby and be carried around. Isn't that sort of weird for a cat. Cats are usually anti-social. Not our cats.

Anyway, I'll be back to my projects tomorrow. I'll update this post with a few more pictures from my trip. I need to transfer the photos from my laptop on to my desktop.

Until later. . .

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