Monday, April 2, 2007

I Just Had To Stamp on My Trip

Yes, I stamped even on my trip. I just had to. This is what I brought along with me - pre-stamped images on watercolor paper, aquapainter, markers, watercolor pencils and tubs of Twinkling H20. They all fit into my carry-on bag. I also brought along a book, a few stamping magazines, snacks, a journal, and a sketchbook.

My husband and kids thought I was hilarious bringing my stamping things. A flight to Virginia from California is 6 hours. I can't stand sitting for even an hour. I was able to pre-occupy myself during the long flight watercoloring and time went by so quickly. Before I knew it, we were landing.

Below are pictures of the Washington's Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, and the Cherry Blossom Trees. Saturday was the start of the Cherry Blossoms Festival and the trees were in full blossom. They were beautiful especially surrounding the Jefferson Memorial. Absolutely gorgeous.

We visited the Washington Memorial on foot yesterday. Because it was the middle of the Cherry Blossom Festival, the line to visit the inside of the memorial was so long we decided to just visit the memorial on the outside. The day was overcast and cold but we still had a lot of fun walking around the National Mall. I think we walked a total of 5 miles or more. I still can't believe I walked that distance and that I'm not in pain right now. At home, I can't even walk a mile without wanting to turn back and head home.

The majority of our trip was via a tour. We visited soooooo many places including Mt. Vernon, Old Town Alexandria (Virginia), Lincoln Memorial, Arlington Cemetery (JFK gravesite, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier), the Uwa Jima memorial, World War II Memorial, the Capitol, the front of the White House, all of the Smithsonian Museums, Vietnam Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, and many, many more.

We took at least a thousand pictures. That's the beauty of digital cameras. I have a 1 GB memory chip and each day I would download the pictures on to my laptop. My daughter was the photographer and she was a bit snap happy. She took pictures of everything. I'll post a few more pictures later.

Until later. . .

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Bonnie Weiss said...

Sounds like you had a great trip with your family, Maria! As far as taking stamping supplies along -once stamping is in your blood, I think it's there forever.

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