Saturday, April 14, 2007

Happy Birthday to My Hubby

Yesterday was my husband's birthday! Whoohoo! We celebrated his birthday at the Pechanga Resort and Casino here in Temecula. Since moving to Temecula from Hawaii, we have never visited the resort but it's only about 5 miles from our home.

Wow, once we entered the casino area, it felt like Vegas. Cool! Chicago was doing a show there last night as a matter of fact. Anyway we had a nice dinner. . .the food was excellent. We racked up a $400 bill (including tip) for just the 4 of us (me, my husband and the kids). Obviously, the restaurant had expensive food. Sheesh. . .imagine how many rubber stamps I could buy for $400. It's okay. . .it was for a good reason.

I took a few pictures at the restaurant but it didn't turn out too well because I felt it was rude to use the flash so the pictures came out dark and blurry. The picture above of my husband was taken after dinner when we got home. I bought my husband a little cake but I forgot to buy candles so we just ate it without singing happy birthday. Anyway, it was a great day!

Happy Birthday Hubby!


Anonymous said...

I just visited your blog because I was interested in your faux watercoloring technique. Just want to say you are VERY creative! All of your cards are so bright and pretty. What an inspiration! I am glad I took the time to visit. Thanks for the wonderful posts and ideas.
Cora from Canada

amymom24 said...

Happy birthday Maria's hubby!! Wow, $400?? You must be one special man:)

~Amy H.

Anonymous said...

Hey Maria, wishing your hubby a very happy belated birthday!He looks really cute! Hope u had a great time on his birthday with that whopping dinner...enjoy!

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