Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Yes, I Have a New Header. . .Again

Yeah, I changed my header again. I think I'm going to keep this one for awhile until I get bored with it. I did say a few days ago. . .well, that is if you read my posts. . .that I was going to change my header.

I took a picture of this really awesome scrapbook paper I recently bought and added the text using a photo editor. I LOVE the design. What do you think? Well, I hope you like it better than my previous "amateur" looking heading. Now, I can stand proud with this new header. . .haha.

I did create a card. . .I'll post it later tonight. I need to head for dinner. . .

1 comment:

Tejal said...

i like the new header...btw i'm a big fan of all the inspirations you put up..thanks a ton for inspiring..tejal,india.

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