Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Prismacolor Pencils vs. Prisma Watercolor Pencils

I created the scalloped circle using the Colozzule Cutting System and shaped the edge using a scalloped scissors. I didn't buy the popular Giga Scallop Punch because it's huge, bulky, and I already have too many punches. Furthermore, with the Giga Scallop Punch, you're limited to one size for each punch. There are different sizes but they take up too much space and I'm space challenged as it is.

By using a shape template like the Colozzule Cutting System, you can create different sizes and use different shaper scissors. I felt it was more cost effective and space saving than to purchase different punches. Unfortunately, it takes a little more effort to create a shape but it's not that big of a deal. I prefer the versatility.

Now on to the subject of Prismacolor Pencils vs. Prisma Watercolor Pencils. Janie (a reader) asked me if it was okay to use watercolor pencils with Gamsol. Yes, you can use watercolor pencil rather than colored pencils. The butterfly above was colored using Stampin' Up Watercolors with Gamsol.

Do the results differ between watercolor and colored pencils? Not really. Because color pencils are waxed based or oil based there's a slight sheen to the result and because color pencils are sometimes heavily pigmented, the result is slightly more vibrant but not by much. Watercolors tend to appear "flatter" in appearance but not noticeable enough to make much of a difference unless you're anal about the results. The only drawback with watercolor pencils is that it's slightly less blendable than colored pencils when using them with Gamsol. Again, not noticeable enough to make much of a difference.

Do you need to use Prismacolor pencils as opposed to other brands? No, but Prismacolor pencils are more heavily pigmented than other cheaper brands; therefore, the result may be a bit more vibrant than other brands of colored pencils BUT keep in mind, Prismacolor Pencils are twice as expensive as other brands. You'll need to decide if it's worth it.

I use watercolor pencils, Prismacolor Pencils, other brand colored pencils. . .I sort of use them interchangeably because one set may have a color that another brand don't have. I'll even mix watercolor pencils with colored pencils. It's more important to blend the colors well and to shade and highlight the image rather than the color medium itself or even the brand of pencils you use.

As you can see with the butterfly above, you can't tell that I used watercolor pencils rather than Prismacolor Pencils. . .well . .personally, I can't tell the difference. The benefit with watercolor pencils especially if you purchase the expensive Prisma Watercolor pencils is that you can kill two birds with one stone. You can watercolor like usual and have a "watercolor" effect but also use the pencils to create a result similar to color pencils by using Gamsol as a blending medium. Economically, it makes more sense.

Until later. . .

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Bonnie Weiss said...

Great advice, Maria...thanks for the tips, once again. And, WELCOME BACK-hope your trip was wonderful.

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