Saturday, April 21, 2007

I've Been Tagged. . .5 Favorite Blog Sites

As I stated yesterday, I was tagged (see previous post). I wrote a commentary on each blog site stating why I chose the 5 blog sites below but when I went to save the post, it crapped out on me and I lost the post and all the stuff I wrote.

I don't want to rewrite everything - I'm too upset to do so right now. I chose the following blog sites because of their unique card making style. They were featured on my Card Inspired Blog site as my past "Featured Blogger of the Week" and wanted to highlight them again on this blog site.

Here are my Top 5 favorite blog sites in no particular order:

Colleen's Distinctive Touches
Cori's INKventive Expressions
Fairle's Stamping 101
Pam's Stamping with {Serendipity}
Allison's Stampin When I Can

When I no longer feel upset about losing the post, I'll write a little bit about why I chose the aforementioned blog sites.

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Unknown said...

You've been tagged again (different topic):

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