Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Daily Special - Retired Stamp Set - Announcements

Like I said yesterday, I cleaned my room and put some of my stamp sets in alphabetical order. What does that got to do with this post? Well, I decided to make cards using my stamp sets in alphabetical order. Many times I don't use a lot of the stamp sets I've purchased because I tend to gravitate to certain stamp sets and ignore the others. Sometimes I'll choose the stamp set that's most accessible, meaning at the top of the pile. In order to use all of my stamp sets, I decided to choose the sets based on the alpha order.

Here is the first stamp set that was sitting at the top of the letter "A" pile. It's a retired stamp set called "Announcements". I like this stamp set. . .it's cute but not my favorite.

A good way to utilize your punches is to add different shape punches to your design. For example the top card, I used the Window Word Punch and Key Tag Punch. The second Card I used a 1 3/8 circle punch and two size circle punches 1 1/4" and 1" and layered them. I think it came out okay.

k I'm at a road block as far as card making. I need to expand myself and use different techniques as opposed to just working on different layouts. I've been really lazy lately and instead of being creative, I just want to finish up the cards as quickly as possible. I'll try to be more creative and expand myself a little.

Until later. . .

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