Thursday, July 26, 2007

TIC Day #6 - Tuesday's Inspirational Challenge - "Crazy for Ribbon" Submission

Hey Everyone. . .check out Malieta's wonderful purse card! AWESOME! I love all the ribbons that she used. She really made use of her ribbons. I love the hardware and the beautiful pattern paper that she used. They all tie in so well together. Be sure to drop by Malieta's blog site "Life's Simple Pleasures" and say hello. She's been really challenging herself participating in different blog site challenges. Go check it out!!

Hi Everyone! Check out Cheryl's awesome submission! Isn't it fabulous. She did such a wonderful job with her ribbons!! I love the crimped design to the focal point of her card. Cheryl has a great blog site called "Engineered Expressions" filled with lots of wonderful design. Be sure to check out her blog site and say hello. Thank you Cheryl for participating in this week's TIC. I really appreciate it!!

Hey Everyone! Check out Jodene's lovely card submission for this week's TIC. Such a wonderful use of ribbons. Looks like she has 5 cuts of ribbon which is fabulous. I love how she placed the bows to each side of her image! Jodene is "adisneyfreak" on SCS and here is the link to the card shown to the left. Check it out by clicking here. Thank you Jodene for participating in my TIC. I appreciate it!

Whoohoo! Check out Sandra's awesome and colorful submission for this week's TIC. I love how she tied a knot with the ribbons and how she used 3 different types of ribbon. Very creative. It's great to see the different ideas that other stampers come up with! Very inspirational! Sandra has a blog site "Sandee's Corner". Be sure to drop by her fabulous blog site.

Thank you Sandra for participating in this week's TIC!!

If interested in participating in this week's challenge. . . click here for the details.

Hey Everyone! Check out Sabrina's submission for this week's TIC - Crazy for Ribbon. Wow, Sabrina did a great job at using her ribbons. Looks like she used at least 5 cuts of ribbons including the fibers! Fabulous and very creative. Sabrina said she's new with stamping but by the look of her card, she is doing a fabulous job as a beginner. Thank you Sabrina for participating in this week's TIC. I appreciate it!

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