Sunday, July 15, 2007

Weight Loss Group Blog Site Survey

***I'm moving this survey up to the top. I'll take more votes today and decide if I should start a group blog. I'll let you know if I do. . .I need enough bloggers to participate, so far I think I know of 4 who has one right now and more likely will be willing to blog their progress. If you already have a weight loss blog site and want to be included, please email me you blog address at I need at least 2 more bloggers before I decide to start a group blog.

  • Here is what I'm proposing with the group blog if I start one. Those who start or already have a weight loss blog site sends me their website blog site address with a brief description of themselves (First name, age (optional), location, stamping or any crafting blog address (if you have one), your weight loss goal (lose ** pounds).

There will be 3 categories that everyone should participate in once a week.

  • Tuesday's Tips: Comment one advise or tip for other's to read that worked for you. It can be your personal advise, excerpt from a book, a great website, etc. For example, here's my personal advise: In order to drink 8 glasses of water easily, buy a 20 oz water bottle, drink 3 of them in the course of a day.
  • Weigh in Wednesdays: Everyone post a comment on the post every Wednesday with the amount of weight they lost or gained for the week. For example, Original weight, amount of weight loss or gain, weight for that week. If you don't want to post your weight that's okay too. You can just comment on how much you lost or gained.
  • Sounding board Saturday(Optional): It's a day that you can sound off on how you feel both good and bad.

As things progress, we can add more categories if you want. I'll add a suggestion box so that you can add your 2 cents on what you want or want to do with with this group blog site.

We can make the group blog site private but personally, I prefer it public so it can help others. Either way is acceptable. I'll have everyone vote but initially, it'll be a public blog just so others can join in and add their blog site.

I need a title for this group blog site. Please send me any suggestion.

I've come up with a few so far. . . .Project Lose It, Travelers of the Weight Loss Journey, The Low Down on our Weigh Down (adapted from a friend's weight loss blog site "On the Weigh Down" - I need to get her approval on this one), The Dieting Crafter's Club. . .

Please take the survey below if you have not done so yet and please send me your weight loss blog site if you already started one.


Calling all stampers, card makers, scrapbookers, and crafters. . .

Do you want to lose weight? Are you having difficulties losing weight? Do you like to blog?

I started a weight loss blog site called "Journey to Skinnyville" and I was thinking of starting a group blog that links to various weight loss blogs similar to how the "Splitcoart Bloggers" site work. I think it would be a great way to support one another if you are someone who is wanting to lose a few extra pounds or a lot of weight.

I'm conducting a poll to see if you are willing to start your own weight loss blog site and add the link to the group blog site I'm going to create. Please take the time to take the poll. If I can get at least 10 bloggers to participate by creating their own blog site and adding it to the group, I'll see it as worthwhile.

Please take the time to take the poll!!

Thank you!

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Tami Grandi said...

I said I would do it. I will have to set up a site but that's not a problem. it should be good for me because I need that accountability! Just let me know what you decide.

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