Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Update on Life Changing Dilemma

Hi Everyone! A few months back I asked my readers to help me by giving me advise on a life changing dilemma I was going through. Everyone was so incredibly helpful and I so appreciate all the advise that y'all had given me. It gave me a better perspective of my situation and I really took all your advise to heart.

I did renew my Hawaii Nursing License. That one was easy because it didn't require anything but my paying for the renewal. I am currently studying to obtain 30 CEU hours for my California license and hopefully, I can take the evaluation by the end of the month and renew my license.

As for returning to work, I was hoping to wait it out until my daughter graduates from high school (she'll be a junior this year) because I wanted her to have full access to my chauffeur service for any activities, clubs, work, volunteer and gal pal get-togethers. Unfortunately, there's a potential that I may need to go back to work sooner than later due to a few personal issues that I'm experiencing right now. I hope that things will change and that I can remain at home to be accessible to my daughter whenever she needs me. If not, well I will need to go back to work but it'll work out. It always does.

I'll update y'all when I passed my evaluation and when I receive my license. Again, thank you for being so kind to help me when I needed it!!


Tracy.H said...

Good luck with the evaluation, Maria! :0)

Little C's Creations said...

oh cool!!! good luck on your eval, girl. And yes, things always work out for the better. From what I gather, you have a very bright, respectful and responsible daughter with a good head on her shoulders. This has all stemed down from you n' your hubby. So, not to worry - you will be there for her when she definitely needs you. Everything always happens for a reason. So, keep your head up, and keep us posted!!


Laurie Hines said...

Good luck with your evaluation, I know you can do it!

kathy said...

I am sure your eval will go good. You are a smart lady. Your daughter will be there for you in the long run. So what ever you are going thru I am sure your daughter will stick by you. I am glad you took everyone's advise.

Moosisk said...

I totally understand what you are going through as far as going back to work. Today was my first day to work here in our new state of MI. I have been off almost a year with the move and all. I have two daughters, ages 16 and 18. Lucky for us we will live next to the high school. It is still a big decision, but college is coming and we need some extra padding for that! PLUS this time around I am working at Archiver's which is a scrapbook/stamping chain. Yippee! At least I get to do something fun!

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