Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Blog Candy Submission #7 - Guest Stamper - Lori

Check out Lori's submission to my blog candy. Another CD Envelope Shaker Card submission! I think that's my most popular tutorial. I must say Lori did a fabulous job on this project!! Very pretty colors!

Interestingly, people ask me why the envelope opening has to be oriented at the bottom rather than the top or side. There's a certain logic to it, trust me. . .it makes sense to do so. I'm not sure why turning the envelope upside down should matter so much. . .but it does to a few people who looked at the tutorial. People are baffled by it. If you are baffled by it and it matters to you that the opening is oriented at the bottom. . .email me and I'll explain the very logical reason. As a note. . .if you don't orient the opening towards the bottom, there's a potential that you'll waste quite a few envelopes! Just a warning!

Back to Lori. . .sorry, I got sidetracked. . . Lori is a blogget also! Yipee! Her blog site is called "Inking Aloud". If you want to see her beautiful creations be sure to drop by! Her site has great card ideas and projects so if you don't visit her blog site . . .well, you'll be missing out on a good thing!

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