Friday, May 25, 2007

Guest Stamper - Dawn Griffith from Dawn Stamping Thoughts

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Hey Everyone! Look what Dawn made! She tried out the CD Envelope Shaker Card, a tutorial I posted sometime in April. Dawn was cool enough to send me a picture of her card. Isn't it awesome! Currently, there's been over 1800 visitors to the tutorial and I think only 5 people let me know that they actually tried it out. Two people sent a picture of their sample to me which I truly appreciate.

I think Dawn did a FABULOUS job on her card. She even stated that it was easy to create. . .which I'm really glad about. Dawn has her own blog site called Dawns Stampin Thoughts which by the way is an awesome blog site with lots of great card creations and projects. Be sure to drop by her wonderful blog site!!

Anyway, if you missed the tutorial. . .I reposted it again! Try it out and tell me what you think! If you send me a picture of your sample, you can be my "Guest Stamper" for the day!!

Until later folks. . .hope y'all have a "Happy Friday"!!

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