Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Selina is the Winner of the Blog Candy - Congratulations

I did the "Regis & Kelly" way of choosing a winner. I asked my daughter to pick out a number from 1 to 86 (the amount of participants) and she chose number 54 on the list I compiled of all the participants of the blog candy.

Selina was 54 on the list!! Selina, please email me at with your address so I can mail your package.

I really had fun with this blog candy. Alot of you love country music and rock music! Some of you even saw Elvis and Donnie and Marie in concert! Wow!

Linzi actually saw my FAVORITE band 30 Seconds to Mars 8 times. 8 times. . .hmmmm. . .was it the music or was it Jared Leto that made her want to see them that many times? My daughter said "oh, if you could. . you would see them 8 times too". Well, that's true.

Here are the concerts Selina saw in concert:

Zoe Girl (the kids & I all loved this one)

Brooks & Dunn (very entertaining)

Wynonna (loved her)Sawyer Brown (took my sister for her birthday, it was fun)

I am sure there are more, but those are the ones I can remember.I would love to see Casting Crowns and Mercy Me, Casting Crowns will be here this fall, I am hoping to take the kids to that one, they'd love it.


To answer the question "who was Rex Smith". . .well. . . Rex Smith had a hit song "You Take My Breath Away" and he starred in a TV movie of the week called "Sooner or Later", costarring with Denise Miller who played "Jessie".
Anyway, I didn't realize how active Rex Smith is in show business. I guess I just didn't recognize him in several movies that he was in. When I was 13 years old, he did a concert at one of our malls in Hawaii. I was sooooooooo in love with the movie and at that time Rex Smith. Haha! Hilarious!!!
Here is Rex Smith when he starred in the movie "Sooner or Later"! Remember him?

Again, Congratulations Selina!


Anonymous said...

Of course I remember Rex Smith! I can't believe anyone else remembers him! You and I must be around the same age!

Anonymous said...

I remember Rex Smith. He was such a hotty back then.

Anonymous said...

OMG, I was in 8th grade and absolutely in LOVE with him and that song.

Talk about a trip down memory lane, LOL!

Maria, your blogs are awesome not to mention your creativity!

Micki Harper
Wathena, KS

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