Monday, May 14, 2007

Random Cards - Cuttlebug and a Little Bit of Venting

Good morning Everyone. . .I made these cards last night before I went to bed. I decided to use my Cuttlebug because I don't use them often enough. The stamps used are from the Hostess Set "Love it". I have a few more stamps to use from this set before I put this puppy. away.

Nothing special was done to create this card. . .if anything, with the first card I stamped and cut out the flowers and folded them forward a little to give them a 3D appearance. The color combo used was Cameo Coral, Cranberry Crisp and Certainly Celery. I used the Fiskar "Cloud" scissors to create the scallop edge, the scrapbook paper is from DCWV and the ribbon is from "Dashes, Dots & Checks".

How was your Mother's Day? Well mine started off good but it got sort of interesting in a not so good way. It was a subtle transformation, less so in action, but more so in implication. Are you the disciplinarian or the rule enforcer in the family? Just curious if you are. Well I am. . .I make sure the kids do their homework, I make sure they study for their tests, I restrict video game time, I make sure their chores are done and their rooms are cleaned, etc., etc. We have certain values and rules and I make sure they are followed. My husband and I agree on these values and rules but I'm the only one that reinforces them and my husband being the pushover, undermines them sometimes.

Anyway. . .to make a long story short, I'm sometimes seen as the "mean" parent and I don't think my kids understand the effort it takes to reinforce these rules. . . to have to remind them of these values and rules, to keep track of their progress in school, yadah, yadah, yadah. Without this structure, life would be chaotic. If given a choice, I would love to not have to reinforce anything.

Well, my husband. . .being a pushover that he is. . .will let my son play video games for hours even if the rule is 2 hours a week. My son used to be a major video game addict and he would play in lieu of doing his homework. I stopped that behavior by limiting the video game play to two hours a week. Well. . .the whole weekend I saw him playing on the video game for hours. . .I told him that he exceeded his time and he said "well, dad said I could play". . . .and play, and play, and play. He has an AP exam on Tuesday and he did not study for it this weekend because he was busy playing video games. I'm tired of being the "ogre" so I slinked off into my craft room and decided to ignore the whole situation. Thank goodness for rubber stamping otherwise I would have been upset for the whole weekend.

There are other issues of this sort of thing that I won't go into but that's what is ticking me off right now. I'm sorry to vent considering this is a rubber stamping blog site but I'm a bit annoyed right now. I needed to get it off my chest before it festers and I'll be pissed off for the rest of the day.

Other than a few disappointments. . .Mother's Day went well. We BBQ'd and watched "Babel" on DVD. Ummmmm, that was a pretty depressing movie. I can't say I recommend it. It ended on a good note, thank goodness or I would have been completely depressed.

Hope y'all have a wonderful day!!

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