Monday, May 7, 2007

Daily Special - Sketch Challenges - April Sketch Challenges

It's that time again. Today's daily special is April's Sketch Challenges. For those of you who don't know what sketches are. . .well, they're basically card layouts. The majority of the cards I post are accompanied by a layout, otherwise, known as sketches. The sketches help you design your card without having to think of where to place your images and embellishments. Each month I compile all the sketches and cards I made with those sketches.

Click Here for April Sketch Challenges
Click Here for March Sketch Challenges
Click Here for Jan/Feb Sketch Challenges

By the way. . .if you've visited my blog site in the past. . .you'll know that I'm a big fan of 30 Seconds to Mars (aka Jared Leto's band) and at the top area of my blog, I included videos from YouTube of live concerts of 30 Seconds to Mars. I know. . .you're not into alternative music (rock/emo) but if you are curious click on the picture (there's 4 of them) and take a look at the videos and listen to music while you browse through my blog. If you are into easy music type of music, just as a warning. . .this type of music is NOT for you. Haha! I just don't want you to be shocked by the screamo music. You can stop playing the video by simply clicking on the button above the video. Enjoy!!!

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Anonymous said...

Jared Leto is sooo gorgeous. I love him. He is a great actor and great singer also. Did I mention he is drop dead gorgeous!?? Attack is my favorite, but in the From Yesterday video, he takes off his shirt. (Trying to contain myself over here!! LOL) Oh Lord... I am so embarrased, I am going to post anonymously!!

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