Saturday, March 3, 2007

Bloggy Award Review

So cool! Bloggy Award reviewed my blog site. The reviewer actually gave my site favorable marks. The lowest mark which was a "7" was on "user friendliness". He/she did not like "Snap Search" on my blog site. . .I guess it can be somewhat distracting. Personally, I like it because I like cool tech stuff like that but the reviewer is right, it really don't serve any real purpose. There ya' go. What do you think? Do you dislike the "snap search" (the pop-up window that pops up whenever you hover on a link)? For now, I'll leave it but if you can convince me to remove it, I'll consider doing so.

The reviewer also did not like that some of the links to my tutorials are first linked to another post rather than being linked directly to the tutorial itself. I can explain why. Because I have two blog sites (the other blog site is Card Inspired), I sometimes do tutorials on one blog site and another on the other site. I don't want readers on one blog site to miss out on tutorials that I had done for the other site.

The actual tutorials contains no commentaries on the project, just instructions. Sometimes I'll write pertinent information on the post that is not included on the tutorial and that is the reason why I'll sometimes link to the actual post that contains the link to the tutorial. If I link directly to the tutorial, my readers may miss information that may be important.

Other than that, the ratings were 9's and 10's. This reviewer is objective and is not a "rubber stamping enthusiast". . .he/she reviews all types of blogs so there's no bias - just an objective view of the blog site itself, not necessarily the blog content. Overall, the reviewer was very kind in his/her assessment of my blog site.

Click here to check out the review.

Until later. . .


Anonymous said...

Well deserved praise!!

Sue Lowry Hare said...

Well deserved praise!!!

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