Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Daily Special - Anything But Cards - Tutorial Accordion File/Crop File

Click Here for the Tutorial

As promised, I did a tutorial on this accordion file. It's really simple to create. I decorated this particular one more than the ones I created last night shown in my previous post.

It actually fine with just the scrapbook paper and decorating it further is actually optional. If you adjust the size but stick with the basic concept, you can also use any size envelope and create different size accordion files.

It's really simple to create and I really had fun making them. I added tabs to the pockets on this accordion file. See the picture below.

I used "Island Blossoms" as the stamp set to create the design and DCWV scrapbook paper. If you don't have larger sized chipboards, you may use cardboard, posterboard, or even cut up a cereal box. All you need is two pieces of sturdy material for the front and back of the accordion file.

I'm planning to use the accordion file to store pre-stamped images. I'll label the front with the stamp set name and whenever I need to pull an image or sentiment, I'll have them readily available.

Try out the tutorial and tell me what you think. Was it easy to create or do you know of another accordion filel that you found easier to create? Just curious. I thought this was an easy project mainly because the pockets were already created using the envelopes and all there was needed to be done is to assemble the pockets together.

Let me know if you liked this project and if you did attempt to make it, was my tutorial easy to follow. Your opinion counts! It really does! Hope y'all have a great day. . .I need to bring my dogs to the vet and pick up my kids from school. If I have the time today, I'll do another project!

Until later. . .


Anonymous said...

Im in Canada...would like to become a demonstrator.
Can you forward me info.


Anonymous said...

HI this looks Brilliant I LOVED your tutorial and it was VERY easy to follow ..

I have 1 comment /suggestion.. is there a way for you to create your tutorial to make it easier for end user to copy and paste into a word doc .. I save my tutorials in a folder in word .. With yours I tried paste special ..but still ti all got jumbled up so I created a table and manually copied an dpasted the info ..

Other than that no probs and LOVED it look forward to next one

Lynn K. said...

TFS! Love these ! I'm going to try them as soon as I buy the envelopes. LOL Reading it thru was fine; loved the formula for the number of scores we needed.

For me, the tutorial is fine except that on my screen the words overlap each other . I use an iBook, Safari and TextEdit to save. I'll use another computer and Explorer o check it out later.

thanks again, Maria - beautiful work

TerriMi said...

Love, love this project. I did get a chance to make a few. Your tutorials are so clear and easy to follow. I made a 7 pocket by mistake, made too much scores, but I plan to make it into an inspirational file pocket gift for hubby - Each pocket will be labeled day of the week and will have at least 4 cards for each pocket (which would be a month's worth or two months if front and back)and I'll write inspirations, sayings, or memories and maybe paste a few photos. He can pull one card each day (he'll probably take it to work for lunch break reading). I'm planning to put a different heading on each card such as "Today I love you because....." or Today I appreciate you because..." "Today I am smiling because remember when we....." etc. I have to come up with 28 different headings - that will be fun to do! Any ideas? I'm thinking would be neat to also do one for "Girlfriend" "Daughter""Mother" "Father". Anyway thanks for sharing your talent. Love your Blog!

Anonymous said...

This is an AMAZING tutorial...I definitely have to try this out!!! THANK YOU so much for sharing!

Sheri in BC

Kheila said...

This looks fantastic! I can really use one of these, so I plan to follow your tutorial.....looks like it will be easy to follow. Yours is really great!

katrin said...

hi maria,

thanks for the great inspiration and the gorgeous tutorial to this amazing accordian file. :-)
inspired me for doing a version for friends, who's celebrating their 10th buisiness anniversary.
(you can look my version on my blog her:

many thanks and


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