Sunday, March 25, 2007

Daily Special - Technique Day - Vellum - Easter Cards

Today's Daily Special is Technique Day. Just a simple technique using Vellum. The important thing about vellum is that whatever coloring you do should be done in the back of the vellum rather than in the front. When coloring with vellum I advise not using watercolor because it warps the vellum when it dries.

Here is a simple tutorial I did for my "Card Inspired" blog site a few days ago.

Click Here for the Tutorial.

I'm just wondering for those who do read my blogs. . .is my sketches helpful? I do sketches for all the cards I make and post on to both my blog site but if it's not really useful then I'll do sketches periodically rather than for every post. All of the sketches I post are my own unless stated. Of all the sketches I've posted, I used a sketch from another source only once but the rest is my own. Let me know if you'd like me to continue the sketches.

I'm heading to Washington D.C. tomorrow and will not be posting any card creations or projects for about a week. I'll post my pictures of my adventure. . .I'm not really excited yet. I'm not sure why. I always feel a little nervous going on trips. I worry about our house and our pets. Our pets are going to be boarding at a pet hotel but I feel bad that they'll be there. Pets don't know why they're there and I know they wonder what happened to their family. I'm sure they'll feel as if they are being abandoned. For this reason, trips stress me out a little.

I'm excited for my kids because they'll be able to say that they've been to the White House, Capitol, see the Lincoln Memorial, etc. I want my kids to look back at their lives and say that they've experienced a lot of memorable adventures. The two future trips we're planning is an Alaskan Cruise, maybe this summer and when my son graduates from high school next year, we're planning a European trip. We're planning a 1 month trip across Europe. When my daughter graduates, we'll probably head to Australia or Asia. I wish we could do a Middle Eastern trip and visit Egypt and the Pyramids, Taj Mahal, etc. . .but I know that'll never happen in my life time. My aunt visited Egypt, Jordan, and such. . .about 2 years before 9/11 and she got to see the Pyramids. She is so lucky.

When I was young, I had the opportunity to visit China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and the Philippines. Unfortunately, I was too young to remember everything. We went on two separate trips when I was 7 and 10 years old. Because my kids are teenager, they will be able to appreciate their trips and remember them a lot better than I did. I do remember Hong Kong and wow, despite being young, I really loved visiting that country.

I made these cards for a special order for a customer who buys cards from me. I made more of them and if I have the time, I'll post them before I leave tomorrow. I won't post the card details because in 15 minutes, we're heading to the kennel to drop off our pets.

Scroll down for more card creations and sketches.


KindredEsprit said...

Yes, I find your card sketches helpful. They break it down to the I know where to start when I'm inspired.

Have a safe trip!!!

Sue said...

Your kids are going to have such an awesome trip! I am a flight attendant and once I wanted to have some layovers in Boston and my schedule came back with the Boston's I wanted and one long layover in Washington. I am always game for a new destination but I was not prepared for Washington at all! I was blown away by it. What an amazing city! Thereis a bus/tram that you can get and it takes oyu around the whole thing...everywhere..and you can get on and off all day.I would definately start with that! The memorials are amazing...I loved the Korean War Memorial...everything!! Have a blast!!!! Can't wait to see the pictures!
Safe journey!
PS..have you thought about getting a pet sitter in your home? A friend of mine does that and she is constantly booked! The pets are happy too and your home is not alone for days.

doverdi said...

Have a great trip and enjoy yourself. I for one will miss your blog updates. I love your card sketches, they are so unique and definately a plus. I hope you decide to keep them. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

Allison said...

Have fun Maria...great cards today...nice and vivid!

Bonnie Weiss said...

Your sketches make all the difference (for me personally), Maria. I look so forward to whenever you post because I know I will be inspired by you to try your idea.

Have a great trip and enjoy your time with your family.

Paula said...

I love your blog and visit daily. Yes your skeches are helpful and I hope you keep them. Have a fun trip.

Trish Brunkhart said...

Keep the sketches please. Sometime cards look so difficult and the sketches help me realize how it all goes together and that I can actually put together a card that is as pleasing with my own really helps feed my muse.

Thanks for all your hard work.

TerriMi said...

Amazing work as usual Maria. I was just telling my upline that I want to learn how to use Vellum because I ordered a pack months and months ago and I want to at least make some use of it...low and behold you have this tutorial and several marvelous cards - thank you, thank you, thank you!!! and please keep your card sketches. I'm a beginner and they really help me to see how you put your masterpeice together.

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