Friday, March 2, 2007

My first hobby was drawing

Before I ever knew what rubber stamping was, I sketched and drew. I especially loved drawing portraits. I haven't drawn anything for over 3 years . . .hmmm, sort of coincides with when I first discovered rubber stamping.

I'm very critical of my work and actually have very little satisfaction with any of the work I've done. I think that is the reason why artists go nuts. . .it seems that many artist - especially the great artist of our time were to some degree very unhappy with their work and themselves. . . .I think to some extent all artist are very critical of themselves. . .even rubber stampers.

I prefer rubber stamping. Honestly, sometimes I look at the rubber stamp images and think to myself. . .I think I could probably draw it myself but I don't. It's easier on my psyche to use rubber stamps and it's much faster anyhow.

I drew this lion in one hour. I was bored and to kill time, I drew a lion. . .I later gave it to my husband. I framed it and it's now up on the wall above my desk. I couldn't take a clear picture of it because of the light reflecting on the glass. I'll take a better picture during the day and I'll post the clearer picture as an update.

This is a drawing I did of my daughter when she was about 7 years old. I used pastel and I actually completed it in a few days. It's nothing great but it is my favorite because it's a drawing of my daughter. I really loved this velvet dress that she had and I wanted to draw a portrait of her with this dress.

This drawing is actually quite large. . .about 24 x 18 inches. I drew it with pastels and blended the colors with my fingers. That's it.

I couldn't take a clear picture of the drawing because of the reflection of the light. I think you can actually see a reflection of me taking the picture. I'll take a better picture of it during the day so there won't be any reflections.

I do have a funny story about this drawing. I had hung this drawing up in my daughter's room when she was about 11 years old and after a few months, she asked me to take it down and put it somewhere else because she was afraid of it. She said that the eyes kept looking at her especially in the dark. I said to her. . ."why would you be afraid of yourself?". . .and she replied. . ."because it's watching me and she looks scary" . . .silly girl . . .anyway, despite my protest, I took it down and it sat in a closet for several years until we moved into our house here in California. It's now hanging up on my wall above my desk next to the lion.

One day I may want to draw again but rubber stamping is way more fun so I'll stick to rubber stamping . . .at least for now.

Until later. . .


Deborah said...

They are awesome~!! You are very talented.

Have you ever thought of drawing black and white lined drawings to be made into stamps?

Sonya said...

WOW Maria!! you could design your own line of stamps. They are just fantastic!

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