Monday, March 5, 2007

Copyright - CASEing Issue

This is in response to Paper Trufflez post. See her post and read my personal opinion below in regards to this issue. I was going to comment on her blog but my argument is just way too long.

This is just my opinion. . .so anyone who reads this, please don't take what I write personally if you disagree with my opinion.

****when I say "you", it's a generalization meaning "anyone"***

Although I agree that copying someone else's work and not giving credit to the person who created the design is at times annoying to the original designer, to some more so than others, I do disagree on several points.

My only beef in regards to copying is taking a picture of my work that I posted on my blog or gallery and putting it on their site without giving me credit. To claim or even imply that they created it themselves, well, that's just wrong.

Here is where I disagree with the issue of CASEing when it comes to copying a design and someone else re-creates the card themselves. Personally, I blog pictures of my card "knowing" that it will be recreated by someone else . . .that is why I blogged it in the first place. I prefer that they take the idea and not copy it EXACTLY but there are a few people that just can't for some reason or another.

I post samples of the card for the purpose of teaching others who may have problems coming up with their own ideas. . .and hopefully, with my help ,they will eventually create their own design without having to CASE. That's the ultimate goal.

We all in some form or another CASE'd someone else's work or idea. Heck, by virtue of rubber stamping the image and posting it on a web site and not crediting the artist who drew the image or crediting the company who made the stamp, is copyright infringement in itself. I guess you could say I'm guilty of it from time to time.

How about crediting the person who designed the pattern on a ribbon or scrapbook paper, who created the mold for the punch, the person who created the design of an embellishment and all materials used on a card - try watermarking all of that. It would cover up the whole card.

Furthermore, for the sake of argument, you place a specific stamped image smack dab in the middle of the card and add a ribbon right above it. Yes, it's a simple design. Now, Suzy in her own little world, does the same thing without ever seeing your creation. You post your card in your blog and Suzy publishes her work. You scream foul because you now feel she "CASE'd" your work. Well, she can say the same for you. That is the problem with designs. . .there are only so many ways to design a card and by chance someone may be coming up with the same idea.

With sketch challenges, color challenges, technique challenges on SCS, some of us may cross paths and by chance create the same exact card. Rubber stamps and other materials are not exclusively sold to one individual so there is a possibility that someone may create the same thing.

To solve the problem of CASEing is to simply not post cards or projects on the internet. Give instructions or sketches of the design itself but don't post a sample so that there won't be any chance that a person will or can CASE your work. Another way to solve this problem is to draw your own image so there's very little chance that someone will be able to recreate it. In this case in particular, you can honestly say that you are the creator of the particular design or artwork. It's a different story if you use materials made by someone else. For example, do you credit and watermark the scrapbook paper that you used (someone actually came up with the pattern)?

In my opinion, once you post it on a website, you are opening your design to be copied. If they create the exact card or project themselves, in my opinion it's now their work.

Furthermore, it would be difficult to conduct a class and credit every aspect of a particular technique, design, layout, material to every person who came up with it. That would be silly.

One cannot expect a person to create a log of every creation they make in order to credit the "owner" of a particular idea - in the case of cardmaking, all materials used are collectively created by someone else.

It's a different story if you and you alone exclusively have a stamped image or material that you bought to exclusively use and someone (a dang good artist) recreates it or if they bought your card and sells it or showcase it as their work. . .well, again. . .that's a problem.

Again, I would like to say. . .don't post an image of a card or submit a card for publication if you don't want it copied. That should solve the issue of CASEing.

Just another point of view. I welcome your opinion! Don't worry, I won't yell at you if you disagree!


Sonya said...

I actually agree with everything you just said!! If you dont want something CASE'd then dont post the photo. I actually find it flattering if someone liked it enough to run with whatever idea I had for the card.

Anonymous said...

I'm a daily reader of your two card blogs. I love your work (and I miss the links to two of your favourite blogs/sites of the week). I think your statements with respect to CASE'ng was well put. I agree with everything you said. I believe you covered it well when you stated that one is CASE'ng just by using a stamp, or paper. Bravo.

Amber P. said...

I completely agree with your opinion!! If someone is that worried about being CASE'D, then you are right, they shouldn't be sharing! HOwever, where would we be without sharing!!! Sharing is such an awesome tool for us all and helps us all grow as talented rubber stampers!! Love your blog!!

~Lana B.~ said...

Very eloquently put! I'm with you on this. Now let's all take a deep breath....IN....OUT...IN...OUT. There all better! LOL

Laurie Hines said...

OMG! I read your post and Papertrufflz post and that girl needs to get a life! I completely agree with you about the CASEing issue. Those that want constant credit should not show their work and just keep it stuck in a drawer somewhere. I am so happy when someone CASEs me or puts me in their favorites on splitcoast! I don't care if they mention my name or not because more than likely no one would know who the heck I am anyway. If I steal an idea for a workshop or camp, I try to change it around a little to make it my own and I tell my customers that I got the idea from splitcoast or stampin up. I think that should suffice for credit!! Thanks for letting me vent. Laurie and PS: Maria, I CASE your work alot!!

Rosella said...

I would take it as a compliment to be CASEd. And I am happy to hear that you don't mind being CASEd and that there are other who feel this way too. I am one of those people who do not come up with an original idea on the first try. I will probably not CASE the complete project, but will definitely be inspired by it.
Thank you for your opinion

Anonymous said...

YES! Thank you! Finally a voice of reason! I must tell you that I agree with you completely! I have had my designs demoed at conference but it would be very difficult to track them back to me. Plus since I used all things SU then they pretty much "own" it anyway. I don't agree with Julie on this issue. You can't compare borrowing a car to recreating a card.

fancynancykay said...

being CASEd or favorited is a great compliment - I totally agree with what you so eloquently said!

Deborah said...

Ditto to previous posters. I so agree.

I often peruse blogs and SCS for "inspiration" and somewhere to start when I want to make a card.

I even CASED one of your cards the other day. :) This is how I learn to make cards.

Anonymous said...

I've got to say that I have to agree with you. To CASE is to copy and SHARE EVERYTHING. I use a lot of stamper's cards as inspirations for my own. I even show my customers the original card that inspired one of my own. There are times when I've simply CASE'd 100% - design, color, stamp set; but I do try to do it on my own. However, I feel that as stampers and creative people we do share ideas and it makes ALL of us better stampers in the end. Well said from a voice of reason. Bravo!

Rose Ann said...

So well put! I CASE as a training tool. I love to use these cards for my family and friends for birthdays, etc. I would never dream of CASEing someone's work for publication or a contest.

Bonnie Weiss said...

Well said, Maria. Don't post if you don't want to chance inspiring someone else with your ideas and creativity!

Anonymous said...

Hear hear... Maria you are 100% right. I've been stamping for 24 yrs now and enjoy seeing everyones creations. I am inspired by it all. Why in earth if people are worried about CASEing would they bother to put their work on their blogs, Only maybe if they are thinking of all the attention they are getting with everyone commenting on work and afraid of someone coming up with a newer idea than theirs? I look for ideas and then incorporate my own ideas with all the ideas I read and see and why else are there so many magazines out there with other peoples cards and work. For ideas of course and for those people love seeing their work in these magazines and for instant gratification and recognition. I love to share my ideas and help others who love to share back.

Erin said...

I'm glad to have read this. I would always try to credit anything I CASE if I know where I got it, but of course an image on a card with some ribbon across, who thought of that? That type thing would be silly to try to credit ya know? Anyhow I have nothing but respect for both sides. As for anything on my blog yall CASE away. Honestly I don't post the stuff I send for publication or contests. And if I'm not using it for publication or a contest then I really don't care. :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well said!

I just recently stumbled onto your blog and I am really lovin' it! Thanks for all of your inspiration!

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