Friday, March 9, 2007

Subscriber Only Blog Candy

I now have a 120 subscribers to my Stampin Inspirations and Card Inspired blog sites. Wow, I'm honored. When I started my blog sites, I didn't think that anyone would even read them. Really!! I created them mainly because I thought it would be fun to create a blog. I started initially with my "Reflections and Perspective" blog site just for fun. I wanted to post my thoughts on various subject areas.

I decided to create a blog for rubber stamping because well, I love rubber stamping so why not. It was just something to do but it has grown into something that I really enjoy doing. It motivates me to create things and I have so much fun doing it.

When I first created my blog sites, I was unaware of the amount of other rubber stamping blogs out there. I'm shocked that there are so many. I'm lucky to even have the amount of readers that I do have because there are so many talented stampers out there who have great blog sites. . .who am I? Just another stamper blogging my work.

I would like to thank everyone who visits and/or who subscribes to my blog sites. This blog candy are for those who are subscribers of either my Stampin' Inspirations and/or Card Inspired blog sites. If you want to participate in the blog candy and is not yet a subscriber, all you need to do is subscribe.

To subscribe all you need to do is sign up at the top right of my blog's sidebar, add your email address and feedbitz will email you to let you know that you need to confirm your subscription. Annoymous subcribers will not be included in the drawing because there is no way for me to know who you are and how to contact you so when subcribing don't subcribe as "annoymous".

I will add extra candies for those who subscribed to both blog sites. For those subcribed to only one of them, you will receive the Stampin Up "Happy Harmony" stamp set and the JoAnn essential metal embellishments.

I will announce the winner on Friday, March 16th. . .this is one week from today. If you have a blog site yourself, I would appreciate you let your readers know about my blog candy or if you know of someone who loves to rubber stamp, please forward my blog site address so that they may participate as well.

If you already have the "Happy Harmony" set and want to substitute it for another Stampin' Up sell-a-bration set, just let me know which one you want.

Again, I would like to thank you all for being very kind with your comments and making my blogging experience a very fulfilling one!

Feedbitz has your email address on file so I will be informing the winner via email! I will not be posting the winner's email address on my blog. Announcement of the winner on my blog sites will only be just to inform that I had sent an email to the winner.

Until later. . .


doverdi said...

How fun! I absolutely love your blogs. They are both on my list of blogs that I visit daily. I have learned so much and am always inspired. I even want stamp(s) that I didn't originally like after seeing what you've done with them. lol Doodle This is one of those stamp sets I've added to my list. Thanks so much for sharing all that you do. It is much appreciated.

Amy said...

I think I got most of the SAB sets except this one. How generous of you to offer gifts to us. I really enjoy your blog. I only found it recently, I am one of your newer subscribers. Thanks for posting your ideas and your artwork. It is very inspiring and I am looking forward to my spring break this week to do some stampin' of my own! That hanging evelope organizer is on my 'to-do' list! Have a great weekend. Oh, and "pick me, pick me"

Amy in Houston

Anonymous said...

I love your Blogs Maria,,, I come here daily, you are part of my morning routine:) thanks for the blogcandy offer, I dont HAVE this set and I love it!

Leslie D. Moore said...

I love your sites. They are so informative and helpful. Thanks for the hard work and for sharing with us!

dawnmercedes said...

Cool! I'm signing up!

tyrymom29 said...

HOw fun !! Im signing up too.!!TFS!!!

Pat said...

Have loved your site for some time now. I am now a subscriber! Yummy blog that set!


Ila said...

I love your blog and your beautiful creations. I signed up and look forward to the updates. Great blog candy!!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog, I am going to subscribe to both. Thanks for sharing your great cards and ideas. Mary

Anonymous said...

Maria, you are so creative and so visual which is just perfect for me as I am deaf. I can not look at displays or tutorials on videos as they are not closed captioning. Thank you for sharing your skills and creativity with us! I hope to win this blog candy as it would inspire me to stamp again after losing my husband so suddenly last month from a massive heart attack at age 51.
Vicki Moseley

Dina said...

I love your blog! I'm subscribing to both of your sites!

Dina Anderson

Diane said...

I signed up Maria and can't wait to get updates on your blog!!Your cards are beautiful Thanks a Bunch!!

Kim said...

I just found your sites recently, and am really enjoying reading and learning!! I did try to subscribe to both your sites, but it didn't work? Came up with errors? But I would like to subscribe to each, seems very odd that it doesn't work for me? Anyway, would love to be in your draw for blog candy, hopefully can get this figured out! lol

Kim said...

I just tried signing up again for your newsletter, and it's still coming up as an error. Is anyone else having this problem? I have tried with 2 different email addresses just in case it didn't like one of them, but that doesn't seem to be the problem! lol...Thanks!

Anonymous said...

A friend sent me here to look at the tutorial about ribbon tying; learn something new everyday.

to Kim above: I have problems all the time subscribing to blogs. When I checked with the support people, I was told that FB does not support SAFARI - Just thought I'd mention it in case that is what you use as well. Still, I am sometimes successful with subscriptions IF my GF forwards an article to me.

Anonymous said...

I am a subscriber to both your blogs. I appreciate the amount of time that you put into your blogs. Your work is outstanding. I love how you take it a step further and offer to teach us with the diagrams and tutorials. Your enjoyment of your work is evident.

Vickie Daniel said...

I am glad you decided to start Blogging. I enjoy reading both of your Blog. Keep up the good work!

Kim said...

ok, I finally managed to sign up for the newsletters, but I had to use a different email address? Odd, but it worked, so I am a happy camper!! lol My other email is just in case you are not sure who it is!
Thanks for the great contest!!

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