Saturday, February 2, 2008

Lovely RAK I Received. . .

Hi Everyone! This very lovely card and gift are a RAK I received from Carol Lee. I was her RAK receipient for Jen's "Pieces of Me" monthly RAK club that she host each month. I have a different partner . . .it's sort of a secret until the receipient receives the RAK.
Caro's card is so elegant and so pretty. I love how she tore the edge. . .gosh, I haven't done this technique for such a long time. It's such a beautiful way to accent or enhance a card.
Carol Lee also sent me a Making Memories metal embellishment pack and a Jolee's Boutique stickers. I love Making Memories and Jolee's Boutique stickers. . .how did you know Carol Lee? You must be psychic! LOL!
Thank you so much Carol for being a sweethear for sending me a piece of art and such lovely scrapbooking items. I love all of them!!


Shannon McGann said...

Hi Maria,
I feel so badly that I haven't been visiting lately - I've been recovering from the flu for a few weeks and I haven't had much energy for blurfing! I've been getting your posts on feedblitz, though, so I have been looking, just not commenting!! I love all the beautiful cards you've been creating, and I'm glad you're enjoying being a CTMH demo! I always enjoy your blog. Thanks for posting so faithfully! Blessings to you.

Miss C. said...

This is such a beautiful card. Lucky you :D

malieta said...

This RAK is lovely Maria!

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