Sunday, February 24, 2008

RAK from Rita

Hi Everyone! Rita of "Rita's Little Corner" was so sweet to send me this fabulous "get well" card! I've been basically sick for the whole month of January and part of February. It's been horrible. . .cold, flu, bronchitis, upset stomach, the works. . .argghh! I am back to normal but Rita was so nice to send me her beautiful artwork.

Although I'm no longer sick, I started having video program problems, blog memory problems, discouraging emails for switching to CTMH, etc. . .and sometimes, it's hard not to feel discouraged. Well, just when I was ready to just throw in the towel (temporary insanity). . .I received this wonderful card and it made me realize the reason why I love what I do.

It's amazing how a card can give you a different perspective and bring you back to your center. I was grateful to be the recipient of such a kind gesture. Thank you Rita, your card really made me feel better. . .you are the absolute sweetest!!


pescbrico said...

That's a really lovely RAK you've got there! Love this Bella :)

Rita said...

Your welcome, so glad that I could brighten your day! Getting happy mail can be the best gift of all, it makes us happy & puts a smile on our faces! These cards have a way of showing up when we need them the most!

KATPaperCrafts said...

DO NOT let others get you down about you decision to switch to CTMH. Sometimes everyone needs a change... Plus, CTMH is SO hot right not! They have ads all over the place in the craft magazines. Just by that alone i'd have considered it if i was a SU! person! Free advertisement! Anyways! You make decisions for yourself, not for others. They will get over it!
Cheer up! You make a ton of wonderful stuff, SU! CTMH, whatever!
-Take Care
Karyn (SBS2)

Sonya said...

What a very nice RAK to get! I hope you are feeling better in all aspects..people are always going to try and bring another one down..Hang in there..we all love your cards and the things you do.

2 Worlds said...

She is sweet, great cards, this and the one you did above
Im so behind with my RAKs :(

Anonymous said...

Hi Maria, So glad to hear you are feeling better. It's rough being sick especially when you are a Mom. Ignore the nay sayers. It is usually the half empty people that can't stand for us half full people to be happy. Love your cards. I'm a SU demo myself but I do buy CTMH stuff too. Hang in there and be true to yourself. Linda Gray

malieta said...

Hi Maria!
I love your RAK from Rita...she made a beautiful card. February has been a bad month for both of us, I'm so glad that winter is almost over. Take care Maria and have a beautiful day.

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