Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Disney Scrapbook Layout #2 and Photos of the Day

Hey Friends!! Okay. . .now that I've moved my scrappy projects on to Stampin Inspirations from my other blog site Card Inspired which I recently closed down. . .you'll be seeing scrappy projects from time to time on this blog site. Well, actually I didn't close down Card Inspired but I just won't be updating that site. My old stuff are still there , cards, projects, tutorials, etc.

I FINALLY got a scrapbook layout done. I had created the first layout on Card Inspired a few weeks ago and it took weeks for me to start on the second layout. If you want to take a look at my first layout: Click Here

I am NOT a scrapbooker but I am trying. Argggh! I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to creating layouts. I'll look at different layouts made by others looking for some idea on how to create my layout but there doesn't seem to be any real rules to follow.

I'll read what the "pros" write and they say to do this and do that, not to do this and not to do that, but when I look at their layouts, I don't see the rules being applied or maybe it went right over my head, so I'm like "huh????".

So, I decided. . .forget it, I'll just lay it out anyway I feel like it! LOL!

The photos were taken from our trip at Disneyland during the holidays. I wanted to create a "Disneyland" scrapbook album but I think it's going to take me a year to finish off the album! LOL!!

I used all kinds of stuff on my layout. . .all scrap pieces from open packages. Believe it or not, considering I'm clueless when it comes to scrapbooking, I actually created this layout within an hour! Whoohoo!

I decided "what the heck" . . .if I think too hard, I'll never get this done so just do it and I did ! Whoohoo!!

What do you think? Do you think it passes muster? LOL!

Photos of the Day

Snow Capped Mountains and the Winery

Today after running some errands, I decided to take a drive through the wineries, about a 5 to 10 minutes drive from my house. Actually, I live right behind the wineries but I need to drive around to get to the front. As I was driving, I noticed that the mountains had snow. What's unusual about that? Well, I live near San Diego which is "southern, southern California"...LOL! So. . .snow is not common but we do have snow on the mountains every year. Actually this morning we had a bit of a frost and the temperature was in the high 20's, low 30s. As you can see in the photo, there's no grapes because it's too cold and I guess they were all harvested. In the spring and summer, there will be grape vines all over the place.

This is a zoom shot of the Ponte Winery. Temecula has 20 wineries and a few of them have a bed & breakfast and spa. So you're planning to take a trip to San Diego, stop by Tememcula and check out the wineries

If you click on the photos, you can see a better view of the photos!!

Back to my photos, I took a whole bunch of photos while at the winery. I took the landscape photo with my zoom 70 - 300mm lens using auto focus "landscape" mode. This tree was taken with the standard 18 - 55mm lens on "macro". I take everythng on auto focus because I don't know how to use my camera in any other way! My goal this year is to learn to use my camera other than auto focus!! LOL!

Hope y'all have a fabulous day!!


Kim Dellow said...

Beautiful LO I love all the embellishments. Kim

2 Worlds said...

Maria there's no rules for scrapbooking, the most important thing is to tell the story, is to think about what you want the person to know when they see page, and to me the most important is journaling.

liannallama said...

What a cute and fun LO and I love your photos! Bet you have great snow pics today after all the rain! I'm in OC so we can see the San Bernardino Mtns and there's tons of snow--all the way down to the bottom!

Cathy said...

Your layout is fabulous! I love it!! The photo of the mountains and the winery is just stunning!! It is so beautiful!!

Hugs, Cathy

Elena said...

It is great that you started scrapbooking your Disneyland trip, Maria!
Thank you for sharing the pictures of the grapes! I've never seen them!

Michelle Pearson said...

I love your flower embellishment. I hear you on the scrapbooking....I'm a newbie too....I think a lot more when I scrap! Lots to learn...but I do it for me...and I guess that is all that counts in the end!

doris said...

A beautiful LO!

Liebe Grüße

marijke said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
marijke said...

wow this looks great this layout and I envy you for your mountains and nature in the netherlands its al flat hihihi your pics look great

Norine said...

love the Lo its very bright and fun

- - Sheryl - - said...

Your mountain pics are fab! Glad you took the stroll along the stretch of the winery! - Sheryl

Tina said...

Hey there

Looks to me like you scrapbook just fine. Great layout. I think if you can make cards you can definitely put together a scrapbook layout. Great job - and your photo taking is amazing.

Heather Schlatter said...


I enjoyed your Scrapbook page!! You did a great job on it. You so do not look old enough to have a daughter getting ready to go to college!!!! You look the same age as her!!!

Love your Photo of the day thing too!!!


Tracy.H said...

Great photos, Maria!

Love the layout. I really need to get working on my scrapbook to...still only have 3 pages done so far!! Ugh! :0)

Janna said...

First, I love the scrapbook page! I am definitely not a scrapbooker so I have no idea what to do, but I know what looks good and your layout and use and placement of pictures is fantastic!!

The pictures of the day though are incredible!! How beautiful!! I love the landscape shots and I really liked your suggestion today of taking a picture of Izzy to go with my stories! I am so going to try to be deligent about that!


Risa said...

Your layout is awesome Maria! I love the colorful DP and the pictures are terrific!

JackieLou said...

OMG Maria that's how it looks out here by the San bernandino mts. hehehe I love the cool weather but too much rain is making the kiddies really sickee...

Andrea Venn said...

Hi I love your layouts. I thought you may be interested in an upcoming National Scrapbook Day event.
Check it out at my blog
Hope you can make it!

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