Thursday, January 22, 2009

Beautiful RAKs from Beautiful Blogger Friends

Hi Everyone!! I wanted to share a few RAKs I received from such wonderful blog friends. I was waiting to post them when I didn't have to post a design team card. I didn't want to post over it because they deserve a day all for themselves!! I cannot express how touched I am to have received such beautiful cards and gifts from my sweet and kind blog friends.

It's interesting because I keep in touch with my blog friends and readers more often than I do with my family and in person friends in Hawaii (via email and blog). They also know more about my day to day life than my family and in person friends. As a matter of fact, I have only very few real life friends that craft and none of my family members (non-immediate) blog or even read them. I don't think they even know what blogging is. LOL!! So to some degree, I have a greater connection on a regular basis with my blog friends than I do with my real life friends.

So . . .when I receive these RAKs. . .I feel touched and am very grateful to receive them. They have a special meaning in my life.

This RAK is from Tracy of Tracy's Happy Place I think Tracy and I met via blogging when I started on my "Journey to Skinnyville"; a blog that I had started over a year ago to motivate me to lose weight. which I failed to keep up. She has always been a big supporter of my journey and vice versa. . .we now have a group blog "Sistahs of the Traveling Tee" with Jen, Ellie, Adrian, Tina, and Deborah. Tracy is a wonderful person with a big heart. She is extremely talented and makes the most beautiful cards. Thank you Tracy for sending me such a beautiful card!! I truly appreciate it.

Tracy also hosts a monthly RAK swap so be sure to stop by her blog to join in the swap!!

This wonderful RAK is from my SBS2 AnnMarie of AnnMarie's Stamping Adventure. She is one of the moderators along with Mel of our SBS group. She is a wonderful moderator and she comes up with great swaps and challenges!! She keeps our group going and she is doing a fabulous job!! I was shocked to receive a package of wonderful goodies from her! Gosh, look at it. . .so many stuff to play with!! Thank you so much AnnMarie for being so thoughtful . . .and I mean seriously thoughtful. She didn't have to send me anything but she did with the kindness of her heart. I am grateful to have you as my blogging sistah!!

I am going to have so much fun playing with the stamp set and the scrapbook embellies. The lotion will also be put to good use. I have eczema (allergic reaction) on one of my fingers and it looks yucky when my hands are dry so the lotion will come in handy. Thank you AnnMarie

This wonderful and beautiful RAK is from Sankari of Sankari's Sunshine Corner. She also is the design team member of "Paper Craft Planet" and the co-host of the challenge site "Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge". I met Sankari in blogland. . .she was, initially, a reader and we emailed one another. She started her blog in May of last year and wow! in such a short time she has done so many wonderful stuff!! Way to go, Sankari!! She is so creative with her cards and she is so on top of all the challenges in blogland!!

If you've never chit-chatted with Sankari. . .well, she is the most sweetest person ever. Like her blog title she is a "sunshine" in blogland.

I was surprised when I received her wonderful RAK. I mean. . .seriously!! My husband loves to buy things online and he always thinks that all the boxes delivered to our house is his. Well, Sankari's package was no exception. He actually left it in his room thinking it was his. When he opened the package, he realized that it was "MY" package! LOL!!

Oh, my check this coffee and tea set!! Isn't it awesome or what? It's perfect. . .the design reminds me of designer paper. Only a crafter would know to make such a fabulous choice in design. I will also put the scrapbook embellishments she sent me to good use. I have a bunch layouts that I plan to create this year so they are perfect!!

Here is the card Sankari sent me! If you haven't seen her cards, they are all so unique and she adds so many beautiful touches to them. You gotta check out her blog to appreciate what I'm talking about!!

Thank you Sankari. . .your sunshine brightens my day when I visit your blog and receive your emails!!

This beautiful card is from my SBS2 sistah Crissy of "Scrapbookin Fool". Wow, thank you Crissy for sending me such a beautiful card!! Crissy is my blogging sister and have always been so thoughtful!! I really appreciate her thinking of me! Her card is so pretty, especially in person and if you check out her blog, you'll see what I mean. She is one creative and kind sistah!!! She has always been an active member of our group! Thank you for your kindness!! I look forward to more sistah activities with you!! See you on Ning!!

This AWESOME RAK is from the talented Ms. Risa of Life's Simple Pleasures!! I met Risa in blogland from I think when I first started blogging! We've come a long way. She was also a designer diva with me and the other gals at Little C's. Risa is one of my most regular commenter on my blog. She has been a wonderful blog friend who is always thoughtful and kind to me. I so appreciate her friendship.

She is one of the most talented card makers around in blog land. Her coloring skills are like. . "wow"!! She sent me some wonderful goodies. . .candy, coffee, and a stamp from Whiff of Joy!! Wow, I love them all!! I can't wait to eat the candy and drink the coffee! I don't have a Whiff of Joy stamp so I can't wait to ink it up!!!

This is a card from Risa. . .okay. .as you can see her card is beautiful and her coloring is awesome. Her cards are as beautiful in person or not more so than what you see on her blog!

Thank you Risa for always thinking of me! You are the best!

This RAK is from the talented Monika of "Mad Stamper". Monika is one of the DTs at "Taylor's Cupcake Challenge", "Baker's Dozen" and "Dutch Dare". Wow, she's got a lot of things going!! I think I met Monika in blogland when she participated in my challenges that I no longer do. Since then she's kept in touch!! If you've never visited her blog. . .she makes the most elegant cards and I am always in awe of her work.

Thank you Monika for sending such a beautiful card and thinking of me!! Whenever I receive a card from you, it always brighten my day!!

This RAK is from Rita of Rita's Little Corner!! I met Rita in blogland when I was a newbie blogger and we've kept in touch since then!! She always take the time to comment my posts and always so kind to think of me on my birthdays and Christmas. I'm so grateful to have met such a kind and wonderful person. She makes beautiful cards and projects on her blog and always have a story to share about her life!!

Rita actually sent a good bag of M&Ms that is not included in the picture because without thinking, I ate it before I could take a picture of it!!! LOL!!

This is the card Rita sent me. . .her cards are beautiful on her blog but especially in person. You can't see it but the image is very glittery!!

Thank you Rita for the goodies. . .I wanted to drink the cocoa and the tea but I had to wait until I took of a picture of it!! LOL!!

This beautiful card is from Wanda!! She was once part of my CTMH online club!! Wanda has always been such a kind and sweet person! She was a wonderful club member! Wanda doesn't have a blog site but I believe she's going to start one. I hope she does because she makes such pretty cards and scrapbook layouts! She needs to show us her wonderful talent!! Thank you Wanda for thinking of me. . .you are a kind and sweet person!! I really appreciate it!


Sankari W. said...

WOW Maria - those are some beautiful RAKS!! you are totally loved! and no wonder because you share so much of your heart with all those around you and you are always so encouraging and sweet in all your comments! you are just absolutely awesome! i feel so fortunate to have met you in blogland and can't wait someday to actually meet you!!
much love and sunshine :)
Sankari :)

Joy said...

WOW...what wonderful RAKS you received! you truly deserve these pretty are so sweet! love looking at all of them =) TFS!

Tracy.H said...

Wow! What wonderful RAKS! Enjoy them all. :0)

Janna said...

Wow, all of these are amazing Maria!! How wonderful to have such thoughtful and caring friends. i know what you mean about your online friends. You really get to know them and keep in touch with them so much more. I don't know now what I would do without them!


Michelle Ueligitone said...

OMGoodness! Such wonderful raks for a wonderful person! You are so lucky and deserving! Have a wonderful weekend!

Shary said...

Wow you are soo lucky they are beautiful RAKs.

rihani said...

Wow! You are one loved gal Maria!! Enjoy!! :)

Cynthia said...

Those are Lovely RAKS!! You are truly a special person and I agree that you deserve what you received. You have always been kind and helpful to me too.!!


2 Worlds said...

Indeed wonderful RAKs Maria !

Risa Malieta W. said...

Oh geez...have you ever been blessed! Can't you tell how much we love you Maira. Your cards and gifts are out of this world awesome! Each and every one made me "ooh" and "ahh" lovely and thank you for sharing the fantastic photos.

Elena said...

Wow, Maria! This RAK is absolutely amazing!!! Thank you so much for sharing hte pictures!!!

wandykj said...

Maria, Thanks for the sweet comments! You're a special friend:) I'll let ya know when I have my blog up & running.


Rina said...

Wow kidding, beautiful RAKS, beautiful blogging friends. It takes a beautiful friend, to attract such beautiful friends. Keep up the great job are a beautiful inspiration! Many more blessings to you!!!

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