Monday, January 12, 2009

Just Because I Care Card

Happy Sunday, Everyone!! I created this card today and only now was able to post it!

I really love this stamp image by Sarah Kay. Unfortunately, I misplaced my stamp. I cannot find it any where. I had stamped this image a while ago and decided to color it today. I wanted to color another one but when I went to look for the stamp. . .it was no where to be found!! Whaaaa!!

I colored the image using my Copic Markers. So fun!!! I cut her out and remounted her on to the designer paper.

You can find this fabulous stamp at Jen's store "Little C's Stamps n' Things". Click on the banner above to link to her store!!

Card Details:

Stamps: Sarah Kay, SU Best Yet
Paper: My Minds Eye designer paper, Memory Store designer paper, SU Ballet Blue, Wild Wasabi
Ink: Copic Markers
Accessories: Prima Flowers, JoAnn Brads, Gingham ribbon, SU Key Tag Punch, Fiskar Cloud Scissors

Photo of the Day

"Dori, My Buddy"

Dori, I can honestly say is a buddy of mine! LOL! When we were living in Hawaii, she was a stray kitten that wandered into our yard about 6 years ago. I'm not sure how long she was hanging out in our backyard but one day we saw her and offered her some food and she never left since that day. We put up a poster of a lost cat but no one claimed her. Actually, Dori adopted us rather than the other way around. I think it was fate. She is the most beautiful and affectionate cat. I can honestly say I love her.

She was an outdoor cat for the first 2 years because I never really wanted an indoor cat. Besides, she loved our backyard. We had a waterfall and an outdoor living space so she loved curling up on the outdoor chair and exploring the backyard. Unfortunately, one day we discovered that she was injured and I believe someone shot her with a beebee gun. We brought her to the vet and she eventually healed but since then she's been an indoor cat. I couldn't bear to see her injured again.

For non-pet lovers, well it may seem odd to hear someone say that they "love" their cat but I do. Dori seems to sense when I'm upset, sad, or feeling down. She'll come and lay on my lap and try to cheer me up. Whenever we watch television as a family, she'll come and sit with us. She sits on my computer chair downstairs knowing in the morning I'll go downstairs and check my email on my laptop while I drink my coffee in the morning. She has been such a wonderful addition to our lives. Do you feel the same way with your pet?


Marja Sch said...

What an adorable card. So wonderful. Hugs marja

pescbrico said...

Stunning card!

Adair said...

What a sweet card, Maria! I also want to comment that I totally understand your feelings towards Dori. Cats can be so intuitive and be of comfort to us when we need it. I have 3 when one of my old cats died I fell in love with him, the 2nd cat was from my son's friend's barn (she came for a short visit and didn't leave) and the 3rd when my daughter's friend's mother came into town with this tiny kitten in her engine compartment. He was near death, but came back and never left us. They are an important part of our lives.

Anonymous said...

Dori is a pretty cat and I feel the same way you do about my cats and dogs. I don't think cats should be outside cats cause there are too many hazards. I like your card too. Traci

Anonymous said...

Dori is adorable! Some of our best cats in our family have been ones that have 'found' us. I can never figure out how someone could give up a cat that is so adorable and good! We did find one that was not so good, but the rest have turned out to be the best cats we have had. Just lovable and well behaved. We have two cats and I love them both. One bothers me everytime I try to craft but I try to just make a space for her to lie down on and then she lets me work. But when they want attention, they will get it, no matter what! Love your blog and your ideas totally inspire me. I'm glad I found it! Mary

2 Worlds said...

MAria this card is beautiful, I'm not a cat person but I agree they are very sensitive and so independent in a good side.

Elena said...

Your card is so pretty! Love how you colored this little girl!
I feel the same about pets Maria! Our Ginger Bell is like a daughter for us! She is indoor cat. She loves to sleep between me and my husband. Sometimes she will push me away from my pillow. She always waiting for us next to the door and run to meet us. Always watching at the window for my son coming back from school. She is our baby and we all love her!

malieta said...

Your card is so beautiful Maria, I simply love it! Super great job!
p.s. I have a surprise for you at my blog:)

Teri said...

Dori is a beautiful cat!! I had an outdoor kitty too, and someone shot him with a bee bee gun as well, but he didn't make it :( Of course, you know now we have Mochiko, the queen of the house! lol! xo, Teri

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